Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fox News Buried Record Breaking Ron Paul Story

Prison Planet November 6, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

While most establishment media networks were forced to report on the record-breaking success of Ron Paul's November 5th donation drive, with the Congressman eventually raising over $4.2 million in a single day, Fox News chose to report on another Texas record-breaker, by showcasing a story about a man who sat in a bath tub full of snakes.

The Murdoch owned Neo-Con mouthpiece was begrudgingly forced to pick up the Ron Paul story this morning, but throughout most of last night their top feature was about the mindless exploits of Jackie Bibby, the "Texas Snake Man," who sat in a tub with 87 rattlesnakes, and news of the Texas Congressman's watershed fundraiser was buried.

Having been unable to ignore the runaway popularity of both Paul's campaign and the November 5th donation drive, most of the corporate media resorted to inferring the Congressman was a terrorist by tying the event to 400-year old British history and Guy Fawkes, relishing the chance to repeat the words "bomb Parliament" over and over.

In reality, the November 5th motif was a gimmick to help people to remember to donate, and has nothing to do with Ron Paul or his supporters being aspiring terrorists.

However, that didn't stop CNN, the Associated Press and a gaggle of Neo-Con cheerleaders from regurgitating the jibe today, in a desperate attempt to take the attention away from the fact that Ron Paul's support is real, grassroots and is accelerating at a pace that makes the establishment nervous as hell.

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