Friday, October 5, 2007

A Worthless Currency- Greasing the Skids For a NAU

An increasing money supply leads to the steady erosion of our dollar's purchasing power. The total US money supply in 1971, when President Nixon ended the dollars to gold convertibility, was approximately $800 billion. Last year the annual increase in M3 was more than $800 billion, bringing the total US money supply above $10.2 trillion. In other words, the US now has annual increases in the money supply equal to the entire money supply of 1971. Based on published CPI figures, both the Canadian and the US dollar have lost about 83% of their purchasing power since 1970. If this continues, the result will be hyperinflation, and eventually a currency collapse. Also, the rising price of gold is a key indicator of troubling times ahead.

To appreciate how precious metals preserve purchasing power against inflation, consider this. In 1971 the price of a compact Chrysler cost about $2,300; today, the price is about $14,000. A starter home was about $24,000; today it is $236,000. The Dow Jones stood at 890, compared to 10,500 at year end of 2005. As for gold, it was $35 per ounce, compared to now at $750 an ounce.

If you convert these dollar prices to ounces of gold, you will see that the cost of living has actually declined! The Chrysler that used to cost 66 ounces of gold in 1971, now only costs 18.6 ounces of gold. The house that cost 703 ounces of gold now only costs 315 ounces. Now, you can buy more than twice as many cars or houses with your gold, compared to 1971.

Through the Federal Reserve Act the American government borrows from the Federal Reserve (a privately owned corporate bank) whenever it needs to raise money. The government issues Treasury bonds and the Federal Reserve buys them; lending the money to the government with interest.

The Fed claims to "buy" these bonds, but really, it buys these bonds by manufacturing money out of thin air. The Fed profits large sums of interest from purchasing these bonds. Since the government gets all of the money supply by issuing bonds to the Fed, there is really no way to pay it back with interest, which is why they tax us into oblivion. Through this system it is absolutely impossible to ever pay off the deficit.

The more money the Fed prints the more they profit from the interest on the bonds. This means the central bankers benefit from wars, huge deficit spending, and they want inflation.

When you take a close look at some of serious issues that face the US today; the destruction of our currency, the destruction of our military and reputation due to the phony war on terror and occupation of Iraq, the rise of the police state, the open US Mexico border- flooding us with over 2,000,000 illegal aliens per year, plans for a NAFTA super highway, and secret meetings without media coverage or public scrutiny between US, Mexico, and Canada through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP); it seems as if criminal bureaucrats are conspiring to integrate us into a North American Union against our will. By creating all of these problems, then they can pose as our saviors and tell us something like "We need a regional currency like the Euro… and a North American Union like the EU… Look how good the Euro is doing… that will save us."

If there is ever to be a North American Union or a New World Order, the United States must fall, because through our destruction they can create "order out of chaos".

Our Nation is under attack by the New World Order scum that has infiltrated our government starting way back in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. Wielding the power of our monetary system they have bought and sold out our infrastructure by design. Only an educated and informed public can stop them if it's not already too late.

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